Day One Library 2.0

This blog is being set up to chart our progress in Learning Library 2.0. Friday August 18th was our first meeting to discuss how we can inspire and motivate staff to look at the new and emerging technologies associated with Web 2.0.
A plan is being developed to encourage staff to participate in an Online Learning Program, which is self paced and self monitored.
We plan to use the model 'Learning 2.0, 23 Things' which was developed by the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County.

We have started educating our staff with a travelling Roadshow highlighting the new developments on the Web.
Our Roadshow has presented sessions on:
Podcasting and MP3s
Sirsi Rooms
Google's new FREE online products eg. spreadsheets and Picasa.

The response to the Roadshow has been quite positive and we detect a certain buzz in the air about the benefits of the Library adopting and using these new products.

We have also organised a public education Session and hope to make links with the Community using these new technologies to strengthen our partnerships.


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