Get going with an RSS Reader

The best way to learn about RSS Feeds and Feed Readers is to actually start using one!

Using an RSS Reader like Bloglines allows you to store all your Feeds in one spot and browse at your leisure. You get to see how many feeds have arrived and decide when you will read them.

You may decide to allow the feeds to accumulate and read a Blog (or website) feed when they reach a certain amount eg. Stephens's Lighthouse had 4 feeds yesterday and 10 today....It might be a good time to browse them.

You can start your Bloglines Account (its FREE) with 1 or 2 feeds and then build from there. Obviously the more feeds you have, the more 'new' content will arrive.

Reading Feeds regularly keeps you in the loop and by gleaning information from others, it saves you 'reinventing the wheel' again!


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