Library 2.0 Resources

This Wikipedia page is an excellent resource for all things Library 2.0.
Many interesting articles and references worth reading.

In a nutshell:

"The heart of Library 2.0 is user-centered change. It is a model for library service that encourages constant and purposeful change, inviting user participation in the creation of both the physical and the virtual services they want, supported by consistently evaluating services. It also attempts to reach new users and better serve current ones through improved customer-driven offerings. Each component by itself is a step toward better serving our users; however, it is through the combined implementation of all of these that we can reach Library 2.0"
Casey, Michael & Savastinuk, Laura. (2006) Library 2.0: Service for the Next-generation Library, Library Journal, September 1, 2006.

Use Podcasting to download and listen to the latest in 2.0 at 'Talking with Talis"

A 50 min, 34mb, MP3 file Introducing the Library 2.0 Gang explores what 'Library 2.0' means, and looks at some of the changes that this phrase has attempted to capture.


At 11:28 am, Blogger HeleneB said...

Welcome to learning 2.0. Glad to see another participant from from theother side of the globe. Please le me know if I can add you blog to the official list. Helene Blowers hblowers(at)plcmc.org :)

At 11:39 am, Blogger yplearning said...

Thanks Helene, we would love to be included :)


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