Learning 2.0 Begins!

Today we have sent out this email to All Staff with a brief explanation of the Learning 2.0 Project.
Invitations to the Launch of the Project on October 13th will be sent to All Staff .

"We are about to Launch an exciting new initiative in Professional Development at Yarra Plenty Library.

Learning 2.0 is an Online Learning Program that encourages staff to learn more about emerging Web technologies that are changing the way people, society and libraries access information and communicate with each other.

Learning 2.0 can equip us with a new set of skills that will enhance our profile as information specialists in an Online Environment.

Learning 2.0 will show we are constantly working towards providing a high level of Online Customer Service that is now expected by our patrons and colleagues.

Invitations to All Staff will arrive shortly to the Launch of this Project.
We strongly encourage ALL STAFF to take this wonderful opportunity to participate in this Fantastic Program! "

Denise McLarty and Lynette Lewis
on behalf of
The Learning 2.0 Training Committee


At 8:06 pm, Anonymous Helene Blowers said...

This is so wonderful. If your library system's success with thi sporgram is anything like ours, staff will enjoy it and your system will fly. :)

At 9:22 pm, Blogger yplearning said...

Thanks Helene, we appreciate your encouraging comments. We are confident our staff will take up the challenge and we look forward to having a really fun time!

At 5:20 pm, Anonymous Online Learning said...

thanks Christine Mackenzie,
this is marvelous for offering library system. i hope it would be successful.
keep it up you have done great job...


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