Learning 2.0 START UP!

Welcome to YPRL’s Online Learning 2.0.
Congratulations on choosing to jump on board the Bullet Train that is Web 2.0. We hope you and your colleagues will enjoy the ride and gain many new
skills along the way.

Every person who completes The 23 Things' will receive a USB stick, lanyard, certificate and go into the Draw for a Laptop Computer!

Equipment required: You will need a computer with a sound card (check 'Mute' is off), speakers, headphones or ear buds (many of the lessons are small podcasts to listen to).

Learning 2.0 will require you to read 4 Blogs (Now don’t throw up your hands in horror, if we said 4 websites would that be better?)

  1. Learning 2.0 "23 Things" This will be the focal point of the program, listing all 23 things and links you will need to follow. Developed by Helene Blowers at The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (PLCMC) for their staff training. This program has been adopted by several libraries, (currently we are the FIRST library in Australia!)

    Certain aspects of this program will not apply to us and this should be evident to you. (No MP3s on offer and Our Recording Progress will be different)
  2. Learning 2.0... "23 Things" will constantly link to this Blog which is the ACTUAL Lessons Blog. It is also used by PLCMC to chart their progress, recap each weeks efforts and offer extra help and assistance. We will be in the fortunate position of seeing the progress of the PLCMC staff as they have almost completed the Program.
    *** Note** These 2 blogs have different addresses but constantly interact.
  3. Yarra Plenty Online Learning: Our Blog on this Project which will chart OUR progress, offer help and advice. It will contain all the links back to 23 Things and Learning 2.0, plus extra links to useful websites including a List of our participants (check out your colleagues Blogs, make comments, offer encouragement, share experiences).

Your Blog: Post to it! Read it, edit it, have a play with it, Enjoy!

Step One is simple:

Follow this link to ’Learning 2.0 '23 Things’

Week 1 is the Introduction and Official Start……………..over to YOU now!

(You may choose to do Week 1 as a Group activity)

*** NOTE *** to help us (and you) chart your progress!

As you work through each Week and Each 'Thing' please indicate this on your Blog eg.

Week 3 Thing #7

Refer to our FAQs Post for extra information.


At 4:38 pm, Anonymous mizzlibrarian said...

Just wanted to say that this learning 2.0 program was a great idea. I think it has a will bring staff up to date with online learning and make learning fun.

At 4:49 pm, Blogger yplearning said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, it is great to see so many staff motivated to learn 2.0.


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