Late Bloomers are you still there?

Has Learning 2.0 taken a holiday? Are we still 'Lifelong Learners'?

Well done to our Graduates of Learning 2.0 who continue to Blog!

For those still blogging or considering starting we are offering an extra enticement !!

We have some cute 512mb usb sticks up for Grabs! for the next 15 people to finish Learning 2.0.

Will you take up the Challenge? Who is going to climb aboard our Learning 2.0 Bullet Train?
Registration details are on the Intranet.

Learning 'The 23 Things' is required for completion of the "Creating Content" module of the Library Worker 2.0 Program.
We are encouraging all who have not started your Blog to think about getting it up and running soon (how about a new 512mb usb stick ?)
More information on all the Library Worker 2.0 modules are available on the Intranet under "People and Learning" or please contact Ian Gofton.


At 3:44 pm, Blogger Bayside Library Online Learning said...

Hi yplearning, thanks for the encouraging comments....makes the job easier when you get some postitive feedback.


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