Week 12 Recap

Wow! can you believe it is 3 months since our launch of Learning 2.0 ?

The Bullet train is starting to slow down and 20 Staff members have already hopped off, completed Blog tucked under their arms! It has been a pleasure to read the final comments so far, and see how proud people are of their Achievements.

Learning and Observing
Not only have I learn't about the web etc etc I have also learn't about myself- I AM tenacious, I AM capable of learning new tricks, I AM still able to be surprised & thrilled to discover new things"

Doris' Learning 2.0
"I thought of what Wiki I would create for our library and came up with the idea of a "LIBRARY TECHNICIAN'S WIKI" In this we could discuss the roles and ideas other Technicians. In the past we have had to wait until a Library Technician's Conference comes around, which is every two years, to share our skills and achievements. WIKI-LT HERE WE COME!!

Cats of the World
"So what did I think of the modules just completed? Well there certainly was a lot to examine and has helped me to appreciate the current range of applications out there for library staff to be knowledgeable about (although I don't doubt that there is much more). It reminds me of something said at an information session beginning my library diploma: this is not a profession you can retire into"
The Net Library module at 'Thing 22' is unavailable through the PLCMC link so Please use the Alternative shown in the Side Bar or CLICK HERE!

RSS Feeds can be from a variety of Sources, not just NEWS. You can get an RSS feed from a Friend or Family members Blog.
Reading Blogs via RSS Feeds is a great way to keep in touch and keep on Learning.
The Feel Good Librarian
is a Reference Librarian who writes about 'Life on the desk' .....read her latest telephone experience, maybe YOU have one to tell us about?

New 2.0 Technologies keep Emerging. Check out the Social Networking Awards : Top Social Networks of 2006.

Not long to go now, keep on Blogging and Learning.

Denise and Lynette


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