Week 3 Recap

Congratulations on all the amazing efforts this week. It has been such fun seeing (and listening!!) to the enthusiasm for Learning 2.0.
Flickr seems to be a VERY popular place to hang out! Can you see the potential for using it in your library?


Often a small hiccup can be overcome by just asking someone else how they handled it. Staff are collaborating, mentoring and inspiring others.......Go YPRL STAFF!

Think about 'Creating Content' in your Blog.
Try for around 100-150 words to address each of the '23 Things'

If you have skipped away and are already up to the 22nd Thing 'Audio Books'
The Net Library subscription is unavailable to us .......SO!
We would like you to look at World EBook Library's 'World EBook Fair' site.
There are FREE downloads here from the Gutenberg Project.

If you have Real Player or Windows Media Player installed you can listen right there or download to an MP3 device.

Interesting links can also be found at the World EBook Fair site

Historical Childrens Ebooks

eMovies and other collections

Congratulations to those who have finished, we hope you keep blogging, commenting and inspiring others.

Denise and Lynette


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