Week 4 Recap

"There is that special sort of buzz when something is learned and conquered"

"What a fabulous time we are in; what a sin to waste that time and stick our heads in the sand saying'It's too hard/ too late for me".

We love these comments from one of our 'Bloggers', it is great to see people actually encouraging and inspiring 'themselves' to tackle Learning 2.0!

People are certainly practicing the 7 1/2 Habits.
Habit 2: 'Accept responsibility for your own learning' shows just what being an active participant is all about.

Admitting its 'daunting' but having the confidence to 'have a Go! shows us that so many of our Staff are prepared to do the 'hard yards' for 'themselves' and our Library Service.
Please read and comment on each other's Blogs.
66 Bloggers are are all up and running.

Liszen has been added as an extra link to the sidebar of this Blog. With this Search Engine you can tap into the collective Library Blogosphere. Try a search on 'Yarra Plenty' or 'RFID'.


This weeks
TIP is to encourage you to stay on Track by addressing each of the '23 Things' (following through on the links provided) and notating the number in your Blog entry. eg #8 RSS Feeds, #10 Online Image Generators.

Please feel free to use your own in-house mentors or check the FAQs for extra help.

Denise & Lynette.


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