Week 5 Recap

Wow, we have been aboard the Library 2.0 Bullet Train for over a MONTH now and we are all at various stages along the track, some have even alighted at a station but hopefully its only a 'comfort stop' and they will be back on board soon.

Lifelong Learning can be so much fun as we are finding out from our talented Bloggers.

It is great to read our participants Blogs

Some of the comments so far:

"Library Thing" This will be very handy for compiling booklists for borrowers who are always wanting to know what to read next.

"This is great fun, and I could keep going on & on........"

"Ok, ok, I am now convinced. Del.icio.us is truly a feast for an academic, student, lifelong learner or internet junkie"

"Obviously doing something wrong, where's a mentor when you need one! I'll have another try next week"


Thing #7 links across to Site Pal which does not appear to have the message still active, so please just do as the #7 asks "Blog about anything technology related that interests you". If you are looking for ideas think, digital cameras, usb sticks, any Web 2.0 applications.

Thing #8 RSS Feeds (and its great to see some of your Feeds!) you might like to read a previous blog entry from this site called 'Get going with an RSS Reader'

As you become more familiar with Blogger you might like to try the Settings Tab and reset the Time to reflect this part of the world, even if it does look good that your posts indicate you are toiling away at 2am! (maybe you are!)
Click on the Settings Tab and then the Formatting Tab, here you can set your Blog to indicate Australian Time.

Wikipedia now has an entry for Library 2.0, check it out!

Well Done to all our Bloggers so Far!


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