Week 7 Recap

More Happy Bloggers are starting to climb aboard our Library 2.0 Bullet Train and it's great to see the enthusiasm for Learning.

One of our Bloggers is happy to be at the halfway point
"Yay! More than half way through my 23 things to learn. It's downhill all the way now."

New Library 2.0 'Things' are popping up each day via the RSS Feeds, here are a couple more:

Thing #10 Image Generator sites:

For Flickr users, a new mashup site called Dumpr : fun with Flickr
Eltham Library in a Gallery, whatever next! How about a picture of the dog, cat or your mother in law?

Try out your ideas at Image Chef
or create your own motivational poster like the one above at Big Huge Labs

Thing #22
Here is another site for MP3 Audio downloads: Librivox

To find more RSS Feeds about Libraries try: Libworm
What is the library world talking about? unconferences? screencasts?

Keep moving forward with Learning 2.0 and KEEP PLAYING!

Denise and Lynette


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