Week 6 Recap

Happy Bloggers at Library Support Services.


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Lots of activity on the Blogs this week with people moving through the '23 Things'.

Online Image generators are inspiring some great creativity and its certainly worth checking out the Participants Blogs.
For extra inspiration check out this HUGE list of Image generators.

Doing your own Tagging (Thing #13) is great fun! Being an 'old cataloguer' it's so nice to see that 'subject headings' have gone Upmarket and are now fashionable, and indeed extremely useful!.......of course we always knew that!!
Tell us about your Tagging experiences.

We are inviting COMMENTS this week and encouraging YOU all to comment on this Blog and each others. One of our "NEW" Bloggers is even offering a 'virtual prize'!!
It's nice to say "I liked your Magazine cover mock up' as you pass by someones desk but let's keep this interactivity happening and help spread the word and your experiences.

Looking ahead to 2007 Yarra Plenty is pleased to announce the Unconference to be held at Thomastown Library on March 2nd. Check out the Blog and get involved!

Happy Blogging and Learning 2.0

Denise and Lynette


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