Week 11 Recap

Happy New Year to all ! Wow!! You have all been busy over the break with lots of effort and creativity emerging on your Blogs.

You may have noticed that the PLCMC Blog you are following for 'The 23 Things' only has 9 Weeks, but we have decided to run ours a little longer to allow for the Christmas break etc.

We do however officially FINISH on January 26th, with our Grand Finale party, presentation of certificates and draw for the Laptop on February 9th at Thomastown Library. More info soon!
To receive the Usb stick, lanyard and to go into the Laptop Draw all '23 Things' MUST be completed by January 26th.

Now is the time to really think hard about getting stuck into the Program. As one staff member said 'Once I broke it down into each individual thing to tackle, it really was not hard at all, and I had so much FUN!'

Helene Blower's Blog has a new address at Library Bytes (you might need to update your RSS Feeds?)
Helene talks about the Best Bits of 2006 and shows us another FUN 2.0 technology using a Meme! (explained here) called '5 Things you may NOT know about ME

Here is a challenge to YPRL participants. Tell us 5 things we may not know about you??
Here are 5 things about the Yarra Plenty Regional Library you may or may not know!!

1. YPRL is the ONLY Library in Australia following the PLCMC '23 Things' Program.

2. Lalor Library once had a cat give birth during opening hours under a workroom desk which was attended by all visitors.

3. A Home Library Service driver once performed and improptu belly dance for an aged patron.

4. Our YpLearning Blog has 13 subscribers.

5. A handful of staff have been here 30+ years (in some societies their wisdom is revered :)

Numbered Lists seem to be very popular on the Blogs:
20 Internet Acronyms every parent should know! (POS=Parent over shoulder)
50 coolest websites from Time.com (with some shining examples of web 2.0 next gen sites)
5 Phrases I hope I never hear in Libraries (I don't have Time...hmmmm??)

Cataloguers out there are reaching for their hip flasks as subject headings morph into TAGS.
If you are tackling Tags at Things 13 &14 See the TAGS being used on UTube, Technorati, Flickr etc. with Tagbulb Search Engine.

......................OR Get your own Firefox extension and see Tags appear at the top of each page you visit.
Library Videos: Submit your own??? or rate your favourite here.

Can you identify with this video? 'Are you Blogging this?

It's all DOWNHILL now with Learning 2.0, keep going with those creative blogs and great ideas.

Denise and Lynette


At 4:20 pm, Blogger Riverleigh said...

Five things hmmm? Ok- here goes:
I am related to Walt Disney;
I have been married for 20 years (got engaged after three weeks) to a man I met in China;
I have a chicken named Big Mamma;
My favourite smell is lilac after a rain;
I think Bill Gates is cool.


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