Week 8 Recap

One of the best parts of co-ordinating the Yarra Plenty Online Learning program is reading our Participants blogs
Staff are really getting into the swing of Blogging now, when just a few short months ago they may never have seen or heard of a Blog.

Staff have blogged this week about:

Library Thing: "I suggest all our borrowers should access this facility. How many times have we been asked for a list of past loans that a borrower has had?? This way they could keep track of their own titles"

Del.icio.us: "
Being able to access "favourites" anywhere anytime is also a big plus factor for staff members, particularly part timers who have to share computers"

Blogs are the glue that holds our Learning Program together, we follow the program through the PLCMC and Yarra Plenty Online Learning Blogs, using RSS Feeds in Bloglines we are able to access some amazing Blogs for further learning and just having fun.

The latest 2.0 'Things' are showcased through the Blogs of our Teachers and Peers.

An interesting use of Mashups popped up on the Allen County Public Library Blog, Fort Wayne, Indiana. What a great way to Browse, check out their Book Wall.

For those of you moving into 'Thing' #20 Youtube, check out the PLCMC Learning Blog and watch Helene Blowers, the marvelous architect of this learning program as she delivers her final address to her staff and draws the winner of 'their' Laptop !! Yarra Plenty even gets a mention, woo hoo !!

Well done in this weeks efforts, it's great to see your enthusiasm.

Denise and Lynette.


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