YOU DID IT !!! Congratulations

Congratulations to our 48 members of staff who completed The Learning 2.0 Program!
Sheer determination, tenacity and amazing creativity shone through in all the Blogs as you worked through 'The 23 Things'.

Take a bow YOU are among the first Australians to have taken on this Program. Yarra Plenty is the first Library in Australia to participate. A fantastic achievement and now is the time to celebrate and share our experiences.
Our Finale Party will be on Friday 9th February at Thomastown Library. The State Librarian, Anne-Marie Schwirtlich will present the certificates, USBs and draw the winner of the Laptop.

Yarra Plenty Regional Library has 'Hit the News! You may have thought nobody was looking as you took on the World of Web 2.0, but the world was watching us!

Yarra Plenty's participation in the Learning 2.0 Program was publicised in library journals, which in turn created much interest from other libraries.
  • We have been asked for advice on attempting this program from Universities, schools and other organisations.
  • We were interviewed by Researchers & guest speakers at Conferences who were planning their papers.
  • Christine was invited to speak about our Program.
  • We feature in discussion lists, blogs and wikis of our peers.
The SirsiDynix Institute invited us to present a 1 hour Webinar to discuss our experiences.
We presented this yesterday (6th February) and it was broadcast LIVE to over 70 locations throughout the USA and Australia.
The Podcast will be available in the archive on their website which is a treasure trove of podcasts from the leaders in the Field.

Steven Abram's '25 Technologies in 50 minutes' takes you to what's in front of the pack for the 2.0 community portal.

Helene Blowers, the brilliant architect of the Learning 2.0 Program, talks about Learning 2.0 : make PLAY your New Years resolution.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank:
Helene and Steven for their support and encouragement. You inspired us and truly paved the way!
Christine Mackenzie, our CEO and all the Managers who saw this as a wonderful opportunity to equip staff with a whole new array of skills.

YOU!!!!! The Achievers and Graduates, Congratulations on a job well done.

Our Bullet train is only stopping briefly ....to pick up passengers. For those just starting out or if you are midway through the program, keep going, talk to our Graduates, you too can feel that sense of achievement.

Keep blogging, keep Learning and Keep PLAYING!

A BIG THANK YOU from Denise and Lynette, we are so proud of you...........



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