Basking in glory and moving forward!

You could say we like a challenge here at Yarra Plenty Library Service.

No sooner had we completed our 'Learning 2.0 23 Things ' Project than the unConference was upon us. The people who came, the dedicated band of organizers and our fearless leader made it a wonderful success.

We have also had our 15 minutes of fame, or in this case just on an hour!, when we presented on the SirsiDynix Institute and now reside in their archive alongside some famous presenters like Steven Abram and Helene Blowers.

Our warmest congratulations to Helene for making this years Library Journal's Movers and Shakers Awards. A well deserved recognition!

We also featured in 'Wired Magazine'
ALIA PubNews and several fellow Bloggers have acknowledged the Aussie Library staff that took on 'The 23 Things'.

Other libraries have sought our help in setting up their own Program and it has been very satisfying to see our colleagues start their own version of the program.
Check out Bayside Libraries Blog.
and their Participants.

Our next step is our Library Worker 2.0 Program.

Classes are under way, creative juices are flowing..............Watch this space!!!


At 7:35 am, Anonymous Helene said...

"Watch this space" ... I am. :) Can't wait to hear more about Library Worker 2.0. Congrats YPL for starting a world-wide phenomena. :)

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

At 1:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats, love your work YPL! Very exciting. Some great del.icio.us links. I'm at del.icio.us/frightfullynew if you want to add some of mine.


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