2.0 The Latest and Greatest!

Learning 2.0 has helped us understand the ever changing world of Web technology, and now we can see how the leading web sites in the field rank against each other on Movers 2.0, a new website which follows Web 2.0 Traffic trends, using Technorati data.

Check out the top rated sites, Monthly, Weekly Daily!

Find the latest 2.0 sites to play with and apply to your Library Worker 2.0 Projects. I just had to look at SmugMug !

How did I find the link to Movers 2.0? From Stumbleupon of course! where IT was highlighted on Steven Abrams Blog, Steven's Lighthouse of course!
Serendipity or just great RSS?

Another snappy little Web 2.0 site surfaced this week.
Gabbly: Chat on the fly, no special chat software required, no signing up with msn or yahoo. Precede any url with gabbly.com/ and up pops your chat box. Has possibilities.

Let us know what you think of these sites or have you discovered your own?



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