A Daily lesson?

If you are are up for a challenge and would like to learn something NEW every day? keep an eye on this fascinating Blog by a Reference Librarian located in Guam!

Titled: The Internet can change your life : 'a series of daily assignments designed to teach the newby all all the wonderful things the Internet has to offer'

It's not too late to catch up, currently on Assignment #77.

New technologies are uncovered in a fun way, every post ends with the word PLAY!! which is the core theme of the original 'Learning 2.0' program' by the brilliant Helene Blowers.

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At 11:29 am, Blogger niannluz said...

Online Learning is also beneficial for students. But I think sending them to school are still the best way, teacher can guide them well.

At 10:13 am, Blogger CATE said...

Hi, I am at Bremer TAFE QLD where training for TQL 2.0 online : found your Blog in the Tagging Task
Cheers! CAte

At 10:54 am, Blogger CATE said...

Hi , I discovered your Blog whilst doing the Task for TQL 2.0 on Del.icio.us ! Later CAte

At 10:56 am, Blogger CATE said...

Hi found you while doing the Del.icio.us task on TQL 2.0.

At 8:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great opportunity for all Library workers to embrace the changing world of information delivery


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