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TWO of our Library Worker 2.0 Modules, Finding Information and Creating Content now have their own Blogs. All the information you need to help with your Projects is now online. No more lost notes or remembering where you put them!!

Using 2.0 technologies to store information online is a great way to get organised. Google Gmail users can now take advantage of Zoho Planner
Schedule tasks, store files, set up a 'to do' list, keep track of your activities.
Why not Check out other Zoho Products, including Zoho Writer, Zoho Wiki Set up a Zoho Widget! ....or Zoho plugin for Microsoft Office!

is another simple way to take your own notes or use collaboratively. You can use it to prepare a business letter or share your latest a poem! It archives your work so you can always go back to an earlier version.

The web is full of Online storage repositories including the photo manipulating and sharing sites:

Web Based Office Suites can be found at:
Google Docs
ThinkFree (Beta at the moment)
Eyeos (Open source software)

Create your own Widgets at Yourminis

Let us know via the comment box in this Blog what you think of these great new technologies!


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