Week 14 recap

The finale is drawing near ....

As we near the completion of our Learning 2.0 program, I look at the results you have achieved with amazement.

Whether or not you have been able to complete all tasks on the program; participants as a group have completed almost 1,300 learning units . Each star on our tracking log represents a unit of information you have learned. No wonder Chistine refers to it as the "megastar methodology"
What a fabulous achievement!!!!

Don't forget, if you are able to complete all 23 activites by Monday 29th January, you go into the draw for the fabulous laptop pictures above.

The laptop will be drawn, and certificates and USB sticks presented to all our "Learning 2.0 Graduates" at the finale party on Friday 9th February.
Invitations will be sent out next week.

There is still time to finish....Good luck


Week 13 Recap

Are you still Playing, Learning and having fun?

Reading your Blogs is great Fun as we Learn from YOU and watch as you take pride in YOUR achievements.

So many of YOU are moving beyond the technologies presented in the '23 Things' and discovering your own. The creativity continues as you can see from InfoLass >>>>>>>

Reading 'Thing 23': Summarise your thoughts about this program on your blog, is certainly inspiring others, keep it going, the world is watching.
In 2 weeks time we get our chance to show YOUR achievements to the world in our presentation for the SirsiDynix Institute.

You may also like to Listen Now to the excellent Podcast on Learning 2.0 by Helene Blowers for the SirsiDynix Institute.

Some quotes from OUR bloggers:

"So overall, a big thank you for the experience. Actually the best thing was when my son (computer guru) mentioned blogs and then said in condescending way, "Sorry Mum, you may not know what a blog is". It was with great satisfaction that I could say that not only did I know what a blog was, I actually had my own!"
Ramblings of a Hedgehog

"I must remember that 'patrons' use the technology. if I am aware of what is out there then I can respond appropriately and adapt and embrace new ways of doing things. As Rick Anderson says in his article regarding icebergs to the future of libraries "All are remnants of a bygone information age, practices and attitudes that no longer make sense but which we have difficulty letting go. Our patrons have no such qualms, of course, as the emergence of Web 2.0 demonstrates" Libraries and librarians need to embrace change and look at new ways of assisting patrons in the search for information or leisure.
Learning 2.0 has been a real eye opener for me and has forced me to look and explore things i would not normally so it certainly given me new and fresh ideas"

Reading is Fun

Completion date is January 26th, Australia Day!! There is still time to tackle your Learning, Play and Have Fun.............................. so


Denise and Lynette


Week 12 Recap

Wow! can you believe it is 3 months since our launch of Learning 2.0 ?

The Bullet train is starting to slow down and 20 Staff members have already hopped off, completed Blog tucked under their arms! It has been a pleasure to read the final comments so far, and see how proud people are of their Achievements.

Learning and Observing
Not only have I learn't about the web etc etc I have also learn't about myself- I AM tenacious, I AM capable of learning new tricks, I AM still able to be surprised & thrilled to discover new things"

Doris' Learning 2.0
"I thought of what Wiki I would create for our library and came up with the idea of a "LIBRARY TECHNICIAN'S WIKI" In this we could discuss the roles and ideas other Technicians. In the past we have had to wait until a Library Technician's Conference comes around, which is every two years, to share our skills and achievements. WIKI-LT HERE WE COME!!

Cats of the World
"So what did I think of the modules just completed? Well there certainly was a lot to examine and has helped me to appreciate the current range of applications out there for library staff to be knowledgeable about (although I don't doubt that there is much more). It reminds me of something said at an information session beginning my library diploma: this is not a profession you can retire into"
The Net Library module at 'Thing 22' is unavailable through the PLCMC link so Please use the Alternative shown in the Side Bar or CLICK HERE!

RSS Feeds can be from a variety of Sources, not just NEWS. You can get an RSS feed from a Friend or Family members Blog.
Reading Blogs via RSS Feeds is a great way to keep in touch and keep on Learning.
The Feel Good Librarian
is a Reference Librarian who writes about 'Life on the desk' .....read her latest telephone experience, maybe YOU have one to tell us about?

New 2.0 Technologies keep Emerging. Check out the Social Networking Awards : Top Social Networks of 2006.

Not long to go now, keep on Blogging and Learning.

Denise and Lynette


Week 11 Recap

Happy New Year to all ! Wow!! You have all been busy over the break with lots of effort and creativity emerging on your Blogs.

You may have noticed that the PLCMC Blog you are following for 'The 23 Things' only has 9 Weeks, but we have decided to run ours a little longer to allow for the Christmas break etc.

We do however officially FINISH on January 26th, with our Grand Finale party, presentation of certificates and draw for the Laptop on February 9th at Thomastown Library. More info soon!
To receive the Usb stick, lanyard and to go into the Laptop Draw all '23 Things' MUST be completed by January 26th.

Now is the time to really think hard about getting stuck into the Program. As one staff member said 'Once I broke it down into each individual thing to tackle, it really was not hard at all, and I had so much FUN!'

Helene Blower's Blog has a new address at Library Bytes (you might need to update your RSS Feeds?)
Helene talks about the Best Bits of 2006 and shows us another FUN 2.0 technology using a Meme! (explained here) called '5 Things you may NOT know about ME

Here is a challenge to YPRL participants. Tell us 5 things we may not know about you??
Here are 5 things about the Yarra Plenty Regional Library you may or may not know!!

1. YPRL is the ONLY Library in Australia following the PLCMC '23 Things' Program.

2. Lalor Library once had a cat give birth during opening hours under a workroom desk which was attended by all visitors.

3. A Home Library Service driver once performed and improptu belly dance for an aged patron.

4. Our YpLearning Blog has 13 subscribers.

5. A handful of staff have been here 30+ years (in some societies their wisdom is revered :)

Numbered Lists seem to be very popular on the Blogs:
20 Internet Acronyms every parent should know! (POS=Parent over shoulder)
50 coolest websites from Time.com (with some shining examples of web 2.0 next gen sites)
5 Phrases I hope I never hear in Libraries (I don't have Time...hmmmm??)

Cataloguers out there are reaching for their hip flasks as subject headings morph into TAGS.
If you are tackling Tags at Things 13 &14 See the TAGS being used on UTube, Technorati, Flickr etc. with Tagbulb Search Engine.

......................OR Get your own Firefox extension and see Tags appear at the top of each page you visit.
Library Videos: Submit your own??? or rate your favourite here.

Can you identify with this video? 'Are you Blogging this?

It's all DOWNHILL now with Learning 2.0, keep going with those creative blogs and great ideas.

Denise and Lynette