Week 6 Recap

Happy Bloggers at Library Support Services.


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Lots of activity on the Blogs this week with people moving through the '23 Things'.

Online Image generators are inspiring some great creativity and its certainly worth checking out the Participants Blogs.
For extra inspiration check out this HUGE list of Image generators.

Doing your own Tagging (Thing #13) is great fun! Being an 'old cataloguer' it's so nice to see that 'subject headings' have gone Upmarket and are now fashionable, and indeed extremely useful!.......of course we always knew that!!
Tell us about your Tagging experiences.

We are inviting COMMENTS this week and encouraging YOU all to comment on this Blog and each others. One of our "NEW" Bloggers is even offering a 'virtual prize'!!
It's nice to say "I liked your Magazine cover mock up' as you pass by someones desk but let's keep this interactivity happening and help spread the word and your experiences.

Looking ahead to 2007 Yarra Plenty is pleased to announce the Unconference to be held at Thomastown Library on March 2nd. Check out the Blog and get involved!

Happy Blogging and Learning 2.0

Denise and Lynette


Week 5 Recap

Wow, we have been aboard the Library 2.0 Bullet Train for over a MONTH now and we are all at various stages along the track, some have even alighted at a station but hopefully its only a 'comfort stop' and they will be back on board soon.

Lifelong Learning can be so much fun as we are finding out from our talented Bloggers.

It is great to read our participants Blogs

Some of the comments so far:

"Library Thing" This will be very handy for compiling booklists for borrowers who are always wanting to know what to read next.

"This is great fun, and I could keep going on & on........"

"Ok, ok, I am now convinced. Del.icio.us is truly a feast for an academic, student, lifelong learner or internet junkie"

"Obviously doing something wrong, where's a mentor when you need one! I'll have another try next week"


Thing #7 links across to Site Pal which does not appear to have the message still active, so please just do as the #7 asks "Blog about anything technology related that interests you". If you are looking for ideas think, digital cameras, usb sticks, any Web 2.0 applications.

Thing #8 RSS Feeds (and its great to see some of your Feeds!) you might like to read a previous blog entry from this site called 'Get going with an RSS Reader'

As you become more familiar with Blogger you might like to try the Settings Tab and reset the Time to reflect this part of the world, even if it does look good that your posts indicate you are toiling away at 2am! (maybe you are!)
Click on the Settings Tab and then the Formatting Tab, here you can set your Blog to indicate Australian Time.

Wikipedia now has an entry for Library 2.0, check it out!

Well Done to all our Bloggers so Far!


Week 4 Recap

"There is that special sort of buzz when something is learned and conquered"

"What a fabulous time we are in; what a sin to waste that time and stick our heads in the sand saying'It's too hard/ too late for me".

We love these comments from one of our 'Bloggers', it is great to see people actually encouraging and inspiring 'themselves' to tackle Learning 2.0!

People are certainly practicing the 7 1/2 Habits.
Habit 2: 'Accept responsibility for your own learning' shows just what being an active participant is all about.

Admitting its 'daunting' but having the confidence to 'have a Go! shows us that so many of our Staff are prepared to do the 'hard yards' for 'themselves' and our Library Service.
Please read and comment on each other's Blogs.
66 Bloggers are are all up and running.

Liszen has been added as an extra link to the sidebar of this Blog. With this Search Engine you can tap into the collective Library Blogosphere. Try a search on 'Yarra Plenty' or 'RFID'.


This weeks
TIP is to encourage you to stay on Track by addressing each of the '23 Things' (following through on the links provided) and notating the number in your Blog entry. eg #8 RSS Feeds, #10 Online Image Generators.

Please feel free to use your own in-house mentors or check the FAQs for extra help.

Denise & Lynette.


Week 3 Recap

Congratulations on all the amazing efforts this week. It has been such fun seeing (and listening!!) to the enthusiasm for Learning 2.0.
Flickr seems to be a VERY popular place to hang out! Can you see the potential for using it in your library?


Often a small hiccup can be overcome by just asking someone else how they handled it. Staff are collaborating, mentoring and inspiring others.......Go YPRL STAFF!

Think about 'Creating Content' in your Blog.
Try for around 100-150 words to address each of the '23 Things'

If you have skipped away and are already up to the 22nd Thing 'Audio Books'
The Net Library subscription is unavailable to us .......SO!
We would like you to look at World EBook Library's 'World EBook Fair' site.
There are FREE downloads here from the Gutenberg Project.

If you have Real Player or Windows Media Player installed you can listen right there or download to an MP3 device.

Interesting links can also be found at the World EBook Fair site

Historical Childrens Ebooks

eMovies and other collections

Congratulations to those who have finished, we hope you keep blogging, commenting and inspiring others.

Denise and Lynette